Bryony Halcrow – What a Star!!

Aneto 3Congratulations to local, long distance runner, Bryony Halcrow, who took on the challenge of the 64 kilometre Aneto Trail (yes sixty four), and starting and finishing in our twin town of Luchon last weekend (6 June).Aneto Map

That sounds hard enough, but ‘Aneto’ is the highest peak in the Pyrenees to a height of 3,404 metres,  that’s nearly 11,200  feet! Luckily the race only went to 10,000 feet, but still an 8,000 foot climb from the start in Luchon, to the turning point below the mountain summit and across the border in Spain*.

Aneto Plan

Aneto 2Not only did Bryony complete the course, but she finished an incredible ‘THIRD’ to bring a medal back to Harrogate and taking just 11 and a half hours. Not bad for a first attempt in running a distance of 40 miles, and with a vertical climbs of nearly 3 miles!! (The men’s race winner took just under 9 hours.)


Any more volunteers for next year?!

* But if BREXIT happens, you made need a passport to get over the border from France into Spain!!!!



Exposition Hits Harrogate Again

The Harrogate International Partnership Roadshow is in town once more with its exposition at St Peter’s Church in the town centre.

There are displays about our twin towns and city: Luchon in the Pyrenees, Montecatini in Tuscany and Barrie in Ontario. There is also up to date information about our partnership with Wellington in New Zealand.

The Expo is open from 10am to 4pm from Wednesday 3rd to Saturday 6th July.