Welcome to the website to find out about Harrogate’s twinning links around the world.

We are  a registered charity and our role is to support educational and cultural visits with our Twin Towns of Luchon, Montecatini, and Barrie as well as our sister city relationship with Wellington.

We hope that the information provided will encourage you to learn more about our international partners and what they have to offer, even as just a holiday destination.

Twinning provides the opportunity to integrate more closely within the local community and develop lasting friendships.

We hope to give you an insight as to the key attractions to encourage you to join us on future visits, or even plan and lead your own groups.

The similarities between Luchon, Montecatini and Harrogate begin as long established spa towns, and extend across sport, recreation, music and culture.

Barrie’s historic links to Harrogate, and Ripley, date back to the early 19th century and the military action of the Anglo American Wars in which Sir Robert Barrie had a significant role in retaining Canada’s independence from America.  Over 100 years later Canadian service personnel were based in and around Harrogate to help secure victory in the Second World War. A large number of those who made the ultimate sacrifice are buried in Stonefall Cemetery.

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