Feature: The story of a sculpture

Jennifer Tetlow is a sculptor based in Lastingham in North Yorkshire, and in October 2022 she was commissioned to carve the stone Pikorua sculpture for the refurbished New Zealand garden in Valley Gardens, Harrogate. The Pikorua is a Māori symbol that represents the journey of life, friendship, eternity and loyalty, as well as the connection of people and the joining of different cultures.

Jennifer has produced a wonderful and fascinating blog diary with pictures of the progress of this sculpture from stone block to finished piece, which also shows it being installed and unveiled. Her website also has a really interesting video showing how she approaches a project and carves and finishes the stone.

Here’s a taster, but please follow the links at the bottom of this page to Jennifer’s delightful diary to appreciate the full story.

It is well worth a look!

Links to Jennifer’s blog diary and other pages are: