Vandalism to the New Zealand Garden

It is very upsetting to report the recent damage to the wooden carvings donated to Harrogate by the City of Wellington, our ‘twin town’ in New Zealand.


The age and condition of the timber made it easier to deface the carvings, and  to the extent that HIP will be supporting Harrogate Borough Council to replace these works of art with new, more durable pieces, and most likely in metal. This to maintain our strong links with Wellington, which were forged through the heroic support of their air force during World War ll, and with many service personnel stationed in and around Harrogate.

Sadly many lives were lost, and and it is even more poignant that the thoughtless damage should occur close to the 75th anniversary of the end of World War ll, and the remembrance of the brave men who gave their lives to help bring the relative peace of recent times.

It is also sad that the impact of the Covid 19 epidemic has significantly restricted our ability to focus and reflect on all those who sacrificed ‘their tomorrow for our today’. Restoring the New Zealand garden will help in a small way to show that they are not forgotten.

Details of the Restoration Fund will be announced shortly.