Civic Greeting for TYB@Barrie!

Local, civic representative, Duncan McDonald, meeting with Colin Gibb, Helen Mills and Sir Thomas Ingilby on their current visit to the City with the Tewit Youth Band.

Colin and Helen are respectively the President and Chairman of Tewit Youth Band.

Sir Thomas has been instrumental in developing our close ties with Barrie, with an ancestral link to Sir Robert Barrie after whom the city was named.

(You can find out more by visiting the Barrie section of this website.)


Tewit Youth Band Trip to Barrie in full swing!

The Tewit Youth Band Summer Tour to Barrie, Ontario in Canada is a blend of performing and sightseeing.

Their first full day blended both with a visit to Niagara Falls  followed by a concert in Niagara. A second concert in Gravenhurst’s Trinity United Church saw a full house  and even dancing in the aisles!

The group is having  a fantastic time with their hosts in Barrie.

Tuesday’s concert at Westside Lutheran Evangelical Church is also virtually sold out.

Well done team Tewit!